Luci: A solar-powered inflatable LED lamp for the developing world

Luci solar powered LED lantern_1

Being affordable and above all energy efficient make LEDs the preferred choice for lighting devices that are being conceptualized and developed for the rural world. Designers over at MpowerD are working on the same lines and have come up with a low-cost, solar powered lighting solution for the people in the developing world – Luci.

Developed as a lantern that can easily be deployed to all parts of the world that lack reliable electricity infrastructure, the Luci is an inflatable light source that is light in weight, durable, water proof and above all it is powered by clean solar energy. The device, which looks like a cylindrical ball, can be inflated with just a couple of breaths and features built-in lithium-ion battery that stores the charge it gets from a small solar panel.

Gizmodo writes that the Luci can be recharged in six hours of sunlight or incandescent light and can then remain glowing for 12 hours on its dimmest light settings. Cranking up the lighting setting to max would reduce the runtime by half. Costing about $20, the lamp can only be recharged by the sun with no option to recharge the onboard battery with AC power or a USB port.

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