Elica Idroponica concept hydroponic planter doesn’t need your care

Domestic hydroponic planter_1

Till the time devices like the Parrot Flower Power actually reach all urban homes with lots of planters and little time to take care of them, urban dwellers will continue to neglect the plants they are growing in their homes. To solve the problems of most homeowners who don’t remember to water their plants or place them in sunlight, industrial designer Stefania Minnella has come up with a concept hydroponic planter that makes you grow healthy plants with minimum care.

The concept planter, which is being billed as a self-sustaining hydroponic system automates the process of irrigation, lighting and automatic dosing of nutrients. The stylish planter has a clever curvaceous body that will help it grace any modern home décor. The system has been designed to be modular to allow you to grow more or less plants depending on the need.

Trend Hunter notes that the domestic planter has future in mind and because of its vertical body it will fit in all homes, be it an apartment or a mansion. The concept planter, which works as a babysitter for your plants, makes sure your beloved plants don’t die due to the lack of resources.

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