TEGwear chip converts your body heat into electricity for wearable electronics

Tegwear technology produces electricity from body heat_1

Gadget manufacturers believe that time is changing fast and the future belongs not just to intelligent devices but to intelligent devices that one can actually wear. However, the problem here is that no matter how intelligent or smart a device is, it needs to be frequently attached to its charging cable. Researchers at Perpetua Power are developing technology that would bring self-powered wearable devices on the shelves.

The technology is based on a single, square-inch chip, dubbed TEGwear that converts body heat to electricity. The team believes that the chip generates about 3 volts of energy, which is enough to power small devices such as an accelerometer or a wireless headset. Our bodies continually produce heat, even when we are asleep, and heat excites electrons that then produce electricity.

Tegwear to debut swatch touch watch powered by body heat

The developers state that the chip will produce electricity when touching your skin or separated from it with a thin layer of clothing, in which case we believe that the energy output would be low. TEGwear-powered devices won’t necessarily ship anytime before 2014, but once the chips ship they would open up an all-new market of products that don’t need to be recharged the conventional way. Co.Exist reports that the devices will also eliminate the toxic waste that is generated by heavy metals commonly used in batteries.

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