Wind turbine with world’s largest blades to generate 10MW of green power

wind turbines

In wind turbines, the length of the blades is generally proportional to the amount of power the turbine will generate. Moreover, since bigger wind turbines are easy to maintain, utility companies prefer to make use of large wind turbines rather than a farm of small turbines to generate the same amount of power. Last year we reported about Siemens quest to build the world’s largest wind turbine blades that measured 75 meters in length and today we have news coming from Blade Dynamics, which is developing wind turbine blades that are up to 100 meters in length.

The blades will sit on top of a tower that is 170 meters high, meaning that the completed structure will reach a height of 270 meters. The company has received funding from Energy Technologies Institute for the endeavor and aims to reduce the cost of renewable power from the current cost of $210 per megawatt-hour by about $13 per megawatt-hour.

The company announced that a turbine equipped with these gigantic blades will be able to generate up to 10MW of renewable electric power, which is 4MW more than what Siemens announced for a turbine with their 75 meter long blades. The blades will be made using carbon fiber instead of fiber glass to keep their weight down. Moreover, Co.Exist notes that the blades will be constructed in 12-meter-long pieces and will then be assembled on site to cut transportation costs and associated emissions.

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