CES 2013: Samsung’s Evolution Kit to keep your Smart TV ‘smart’ for longer

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The definition of “Smart” for electronic gadgets changes frequently. As an example, Smartphones have evolved over the last couple of years and what was actually billed as smart in 2010 is just basic today. The same is the case with Smart TVs as regular enhancements in technology mean that the Smart TV that you purchase today will become a basic product in the next few years.

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Technology enhancements do entice geeks to buy new products so that they remain fully upgraded with all new offerings and this causes a lot of electronic waste as people discard their old gadgets much frequently. Samsung wants its Smart TV customers to remain upgraded with the latest offerings without worrying about buying a new Smart TV with their Evolution Kit that was unveiled at CES. The kit enables Samsung 2012 Smart TV to evolve into the company’s new models that will be released in the years to come.

Samsung smart tv evolution kit_3

With hardware enhancements, such as CPU, memory and GPU up to the level of the latest Smart TV, users can enjoy faster speeds for browsing the internet and multitask by using apps while watching TV. The kit, which follows a plug-n-play architecture, is an optimal way to allow users to experience the latest service of Samsung Smart TV with their existing TVs through hardware or software specifications continue to improve in the future. While the cost of the product hasn’t been unveiled, a company spokesperson mentioned that the cost would be somewhere south of $500.

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