Sneeuwketting lets you ride your bike on icy roads without toppling over

snow spikes for bicycle tires for snow covered roads_1

Driving any kind of a vehicle on snow covered roads is a tedious task that only the best of drivers can conquer without any accident. The task gets even more difficult when you’re on a two-wheeled ride like a bicycle. Dutch designer Cesar van Rongen, who is also a bike riding enthusiast, didn’t want to leave his bike behind during winters and came up with an ingenious solution that allowed him to commute usually on his bike without toppling over.

The solution came in the form of slip-on bike spikes, dubbed Sneeuwketting or “snow chain”, which can be attached on the bike tires and secured on the ends so that they don’t slip off. The designer states that he tried several materials for the product, including metal and fabric, but in the end rubber worked the best. Co.Design notes that the product is still a concept for now, but the designer hopes to put them into production by next year.

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