Sprout Space modular classrooms for the 21st century launched by Perkins+Will

Sprout Space modular classrooms_1

Currently more than 7.5 million children in the world are being taught in temporary or make-shift classrooms as the solar powered floating schools in Bangladesh. To address the issue, international architecture firm Perkins+Will has announced the building of the first award-wining, modular Sprout Space classroom that incorporates green building strategies which helps in eliminating energy costs and the creation of a healthier learning environment.

Sprout Space modular classrooms_2

With a threefold mission to provide healthy, sustainable and flexible learning spaces for students, the architecture firm redesigned the classroom from inside out to produce a new generation of learning spaces fit for the 21st century. Sprout Space’s dynamic design allows various teaching styles and seating arrangements and outdoor learning with the use of innovative exterior teaching walls.

Sprout Space modular classrooms_3

The Sprout Space implements a plethora of sustainable and cost saving strategies to create a learning environment that can promote productivity and health. The classrooms include sun shades, rainwater collection system, photovoltaic roof panels, LED lighting with lighting controls and energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Sprout Space modular classrooms_4

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