Blackberry City Bike concept will make bicycling fashionable

Blackberry city bike concept_1

Smartphones have become more than a necessity in today’s world, which is so very evident from the fact that people spend hundreds of dollars just to buy the new smartphone on the market as a fashion statement to compliment their geeky style. Recognizing that smartphone manufacturers like BlackBerry have turned themselves into a trend followed by millions of users, auto designer Mikey Edenborough has come up with a concept electric bicycle for avid BlackBerry fans.

Blackberry city bike concept_2

Dubbed the Blackberry City Bike, the concept has been created as a brand advertisement initiative for inner city commuting. The battery powered electric bicycle has a top speed of 15mph with a conventional pedal mechanism still in place. The battery fuel cell is hidden neatly inside a glass casing with bold BlackBerry branding on top.

Blackberry city bike concept_3

The onboard battery can be recharged using a wall socket or the rider himself can fuel it up when he chooses to pedal his bike. The bike can also operate as a fully electric bicycle with just a flip of a switch.

Blackberry city bike concept_4

Blackberry city bike concept_5

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