Siemens develops world’s first all-electric car ferry for Norway


After teaming up with Norwegian shipyard Fjellstrand, Siemens has come up with the world’s first all-electric car ferry for Norway, which can transport 120 cars along with 360 passengers while sailing entirely on electric motors. The 80-meter vessel, dubbed ZeroCat 120, will be delivered by NORLED with onboard batteries.

The vessel will start operating on Norwegian water between Lavik and Oppedal, across the Sognefjord, in 2015. The light weight vessel has been designed as a catamaran with two slim hulls made of aluminum instead of steel. While conventional vessels currently operating on the route have diesel engines that produce more than 2000hp, the electric variant will have an output of 800kW and will operate at a top speed of 10 knots with a battery bank of 400kW.


The electric ferry includes a battery weighing 10 metric tons, but overall the weight of the ferry is just half of the ferry of conventional design. One of the best features of the ferry is that it it can be recharged in just 10 minutes in the breaks between crossings. This feature was integrated because the local grid is not equipped to deliver such a large amount of power in a short duration. Physorg reports that to deal with the problem, batteries have been installed at each port, which deliver power at a fast pace to the onboard batteries and then recharge themselves slowly from the local grid.

Images Courtesy: Siemens

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