CES 2013: The Connected Bike automatic gear-shifting system for bikes optimizes your riding performance

The Connected Bike Automatic gear shift for bicycles_1

While riding bikes is usually not a performance-oriented way to commute for an average rider, for those who ride performance bikes and care about those extra milliseconds between gear shifts Cambridge Consultants have developed a new automatic gear shifting system. Dubbed The Connected Bike, the idea here is to save those precious milliseconds of time when a rider considers shifting a gear and actually shifts it while riding.

The Connected Bike Automatic gear shift for bicycles_2

Showcased at CES 2013, the system is an integration of simple mechanics, a few sensors and the processing power of a modern smartphone that is attached to the bike. While starting a journey, all the rider has to do is to set a performance goal by way of entering the distance to the traveled and the expected number of minutes you believe would be sufficient.

The Connected Bike Automatic gear shift for bicycles_3

The system then calculates the performance goal and once the rider’s performance dips during the commute, it automatically shifts the gear to optimize performance and keep you on track. TechCrunch reports that the aggregate performance data is also made available on your iPad when using the bike’s own iPad app.

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