Bullitt Center: The world’s greenest office building is entirely powered by solar energy

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The race to develop green buildings, especially commercial, is definitely on and this is the reason we see architecture firms coming up with systems that help them including the “green” tag with their newly built structures. While architects are still facing a tough time to create a truly green building in developed cities like Los Angeles and Santa Fe, Seattle’s Bullitt Center will teach architects how to build a true and impressive green building.

The 50,000sqf, six-story building, designed by the Bullitt Foundation, makes use of currently available technology, but combines a lot of different green building techniques to achieve a remarkable status. The eco friendly building is powered entirely with solar energy and all water that the tenants will consume will come from rainwater. Moreover, the building will include ample provisions for natural lighting, will have indoor composting toilets, geothermal wells for heating and a wood-framed structure created using FSC-certified wood.

The rainwater capture and harvesting system is so robust that the architects believe that the building will be hydrated even after a 100-day drought, something which is next to impossible in a place like Seattle. The secret is a cistern installed in the basement that can hold 56,000 gallons of water and the tenants will be made to use about 500 gallons each day. Moreover, to make rainwater fit for use not just in the toilets but elsewhere too, the building includes a state-of-the-art water treatment system that filters bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet radiation before chlorinating the water in pipes. When the water reaches the tap, it goes through activated charcoal filters in the faucets that remove the chlorine.

Co.Exist reports that apart from the use of renewable energy and a robust rainwater harvesting system, the architects also made sure that the building doesn’t make use of any red-listed materials as certified by the Living Building Challenge.

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