CuBox Pro miniature computer displays HD video, consumes just 3W of power

cubox pro energy efficient mini computer

Can a power efficient computer actually work like a desktop computer of the early 2000s? Till date the answer was a big no but SolidRun has proved us wrong with the launch of the CuBox Pro – a diminutive computer that can fit inside your pocket. The open-source minicomputer comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM coupled with an 800MHz dual-issue ARM PJ4 processor that uses the ARMv7 chip design and processing code.

The fan-less computer can display full HD video at 1080p while consuming just three watts of power, meaning you can power one with a small solar panel too. While there are hundreds of possible applications of this tiny, energy-efficient computer the recommended ones include its use as a home media center, thin client, XBMC console or even a tiny desktop machine for less demanding tasks.

The device comes loaded with an infrared receiver, gigabit Ethernet port, two USB ports and a microSD card slot. Due to ship by the end of the month, PC World notes that the CuBox Pro will come with a 4GB microSD card with preinstalled Ubuntu.

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