Electric, solar-powered quadracycles could be the cars of the future

solar powered quadracycle

One of the biggest advantages of owning a car instead of a two-wheeled ride like a bicycle is the ability for the entire family to travel in the same vehicle at a decent speed. However, with a rise in the cost of fuel and the concerns about environmental pollution has forced manufacturers to think about new ways to travel, which try to offer the same amount of comfort and space as a conventionally fueled car does. Working on the same lines Paul Harris and partner Tony Edwards came up with the idea of electrically assisted, and above all, solar powered quadracycles, and formed a company, called Leisure Wheels Quadracycles, to manufacture them.

The aerodynamically-designed four-wheel bikes are being manufactured in two-seat and four-seat models and come with as many as 42 gears, welded steel frames and independent pedaling for each seat. While the basic variant of the quad is just pedal-powered, there are some advanced variants being produced that include electric assist and the use of solar power for on-the-move recharging.

Weighing more than 110 pounds, the vehicles are being marketed for energy-conscious and fitness-oriented consumers who are looking to find better ways to do simple things. My Desert states that the cost of the quadracycles ranges from $1100 for the basic version to $6600 for top-of-the-line solar-powered variant that also includes head and tail lights, disc brakes, a canopy to protect from the elements, horns and even a digital speedometer.

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