California Roll House: Sustainable prefabricated home for extreme desert environment

California Roll House by Violent Volumes_1

Living structures needed for a desert have to be quite different from what we live in. Challenging themselves to build a sustainable prefabricated house for the desert, Korean practice Violent Volumes has come up with the California Roll House concept – a structure that adapts it to fit in the extreme environment it has been designed for.

The structure makes use of the latest in sustainable technologies and mechanized systems that give residents a comfortable atmosphere inside. The unusual shape of the structure is supported by a carbon fiber truss frame, while keeps the structure both strong and light in weight. The entire exterior surface of the house, other than the striking glass panels, is covered in special material that reflects intense sunlight to keep the interior temperature manageable.

California Roll House by Violent Volumes_2

The transparent glass panels are electronically operated to change opacity automatically with the angle of the sun to absorb the evening sun for heat, while rejecting daytime solar gain. The roof element transforms into an entry courtyard providing a flat artificial ground plane which carries one hydraulically operated door. Check out more images at Designboom.

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