SunnyBag features integrated flexible solar panels to charge your electronic gear

Sunnybag solar energy generating bags

Our overdependence on electronic gadgets such as smartphones and GPS devices means that we often need something to charge them when we are on the move. This is the reason gadget manufacturers are coming up with systems with integrated solar energy generators that can harness the clean energy of the sun for the job. SunnyBag Inc, an Austria-based company, is working on the same lines and has revealed a wide range of bags, including handbags and backpacks that feature integrated flexible solar panels and a battery to store the renewable charge and transfer it to a wide range of portable electronic devices via a USB port.

All the solar-integrated bags come with flexible solar panels and an onboard battery that stores the charge. While showcasing their innovative eco friendly bags at CES 2013, the company spokesperson stated that since the bags make use of highly efficient photovoltaic panels they are able to recharge a normal smartphone in just two hours of direct sunshine. Another advantage with the SunnyBag backpacks is that the integrated solar energy generating system can be removed from the bag and used as a standalone energy generating system or attached to any other backpack for the same purpose.

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