UR6 hybrid trike lets you change your riding position to suit your journey

UR6 hybrid trike_1

While a recumbent trike gives you the ability to almost lie down on the seat so that you remain comfortable during a longer journey, riding such a vehicle on a congested highway might be a problem since you’ll not be fully aware of the trike’s position relative to other vehicles on the same route. Auto designer Guido Lanari has tried to solve the problems with an innovatively designed triked dubbed the UR6.

The hybrid trike has two operating positions – recumbent and upright. The positions can be swapped with a simple lifter accessory placed under the seat which can be rotated to change the riding position. While the recumbent position is ideal for long distance rides as it maximizes driving comfort and maximizes pedal efficiency by reducing wind resistance, the upright position maximizes the visibility of the tricycle between cars and the driver’s visibility of the road. The designer claims that the innovative design makes sure that the legs of the rider are always at the same distance from the pedal in whichever mode the tricycle is being used.

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