AbleNook solar-powered modular dwelling can be assembled in just two hours!

AbleNook solar powered modular prefab house_1

After natural disasters like the super storm Sandy, designers realize that there is a need of structures that can easily be deployed in areas that are hit. Working on the same lines Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross have developed the AbleNook – a rapidly deployable modular dwelling that can be assembled on site in a matter of hours by unskilled people. Multiple units of the tiny modular home can be flat-packed and shipped to the disaster location ensuring that a single trailer truck can provide lodging to a large number of families.

The AbleNook can be deployed on uneven terrain and can be assembled without using any tools as all the pieces slide and fix together into the final resting position. Moreover, being modular, users can attach more pieces of the AbleNook to create a large house or a complex for multiple families. Moreover, the parts that are being used in the AbleNook are robust enough to withstand a low-level hurricane.

The dwelling isn’t just for disaster relief, but can also work as a fully functional modern home or a flexible office space that is powered by renewable solar energy, which is harvested by a photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. After developing a prototype to prove that the model actually works and all the pieces can easily be fixed together, the designers are on Kickstarter to raise enough funds for the design and fabrication of another prototype, after which the concept could be made available for purchase.

Images Courtesy: AbleNook

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