HSKin concept motorcycle runs clean on a hydrogen fuel cell

HSKin hydrogen fuel cell powered concept motorcycle_9

The brainchild of London-based designer Roberto Francesco Nicolò, the HSKin is a concept motorcycle for the office-going class of a busy city. Designed as an answer to the growing problem of air pollution and noise in city centers, the HSKin is a zero-emission motorcycle that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell, as the one developed by Intelligent Energy.

The HSKin motorcycle is powered by a high pressure hydrogen CORE fuel cell that allows it to travel up to 100 miles on a full charge. The lightweight two-wheeler has an aluminum frame and lacks a transmission. Instead, the motorcycle makes use of a centrifugal clutch system similar to the one found in modern scooters. The designer states that the CORE fuel cell that powers the vehicle will be about the size of a small briefcase and can be used to power other things apart from the motorcycle.

Roberto envisions that the fuel cell in the motorcycle can be removed and used to power the lighting in a house or to power your camp.

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