Tesla Model X could let Australians drive between Sydney and Melbourne on solar power

Tesla Model X

The green credentials of electric cars have been under a debate for decades, especially considering the fact that most of the electricity that is used up by electric cars still comes from polluting coal-fired power plants. The only way an electric car can better its green credentials is if it makes use of renewable energy for charging batteries, something which till now hasn’t been tried on a global scale. Good news came from Tesla, a US entrepreneur company, which has showcased the Model X, at the Detroit Motor Show.

The car will enable Australians to drive between Sydney and Melbourne only on solar power when it comes to Australian dealerships next year. Apart from the Model X’s robust battery backup that can give the all-electric SUV a range of 500km, the idea is to install solar-powered “super-chargers” along the road in between Australia’s two biggest cities.

Tesla has already stated a plan to cover the major routes across North America with 100 super-chargers, but the distance between Melbourne and Sydney will require just two of these units when being covered in the Model X.

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