Bicimetro Bicitaxi Eco Bahn solar powered elevated tunnels for safe cycling

solar powered elevated bike track concept_1

We often encourage our readers to leave their cars at home and make use of bicycles for short distance travels, such as the trips to the supermarket. Not only does this help keep you in shape, it also keeps your trips carbon-free and cheap. However, with traffic on the highways increasing with every passing day, bicycling isn’t the safest way to travel, unless there are bicycle lanes in your city.

solar powered elevated bike track concept_2

To solve the safety problems faced by frequent cyclists, Dominican designer Richard Moreta Castillo, has come up with an ingenious design that lets cyclists soar above the highway in specially designed glass and steel tubes that also produce wind and solar energy. Spotted at Inhabitat, the proposal, dubbed Bicimetro Bicitaxi Eco Bahn, sees the development of a 10km-long elevated bike path that lets bicycle riders bike above the congested city streets.

The designer believes that 12 hour of use on the section could mobilize 350,000 people with a capacity for 18,000 electric and manual bicycles. This system will also help reduce CO2 emissions by 1.75 tons and also save about 262,000 gallons of fossil fuels.

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