APC Paper: A $99 portable computer inside a recycled cardboard chassis

VIA APC Paper cardboard computer_1

Gone are the days when internet browsing needed bulky desktop computers that consumed a lot of power and wasted much of it as heat. The advent of power efficient microprocessors hasn’t just helped in the advent of smartphones, but also microcomputers that can be hooked up to a TV or any monitor for basic computing. Just recently we showcased CuBox Pro – a low cost microcomputer that consumed just 3W of power and today news surfaced from the house of VIA which has launched the APC Paper.

The APC Paper is a microcomputer running on Android that is packed inside a recycled cardboard box. Coming in the shape of a book, the energy efficient computer is equipped with VIA’s Cortex A9-based APC board called Rock that is optimized to run Android 4.0. The system can be attached to a TV or a monitor for web browsing, gaming and document editing.

Slash Gear notes that the board itself has 4GB of onboard flash memory and 512MB of RAM. It also offers hardware-accelerated graphics and outputs video through HDMI sockets at 1080p HD resolution. The chip inside is clocked to run at 800Mhz. The output/input section includes two USB 2.0 ports, microUSB OTG port, Ethernet and audio ports. The device will go on sale in March for just $99.

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