Short Circuit: A range of kitchen appliances made using electrical waste and natural cork

Short Circuit recycled kitchen appliances_1

Sometimes it just happens that you turn on the kettle only to find that it isn’t working. While most of the problems arising in electrical stuff like kettles, toasters and irons are attributed to damages that are easily repairable, such as wire short circuiting, we often just throw these away into the trash bin from where they reach the landfills. French designer and RCA graduate Gaspard Tine-Beres knows that people throw out kitchen appliances that can easily be repaired and to help reduce the electrical waste in landfills has started an endeavor that sees the creation of new affordable appliances that are made using working electrical stuff found in the appliances in the landfills.

As you might well imagine, electrical appliances in a landfill or the junkyard will have damaged outer shells but could contain perfectly working electrical stuff, which can be reused. The new range of electrical kitchen appliances, dubbed Short Circuit, solve the problem with new outer shells made using natural cork. Not only does cork make the appliances look great, it also has excellent water proofing and insulating properties, which makes it ideal for use in kitchen appliances.

Co. Design notes that the designer, along with his friend Tristan Kopp has recently established the RE-DO Studio to focus on projects like this and has set up a shot at Bright Sparks, a re-use center in London that specializes in giving another life to products that are deemed dead.

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