Japan to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm to generate 1GW of power

offshore wind farm

After the devastating earthquake-triggered Tsunami in March 2011 damaged the Daiichi nuclear reactor in Fukushima, the Japanese government announced plans to move to renewable ditching the 54 nuclear reactors in the country. While all but two nuclear power plants in the country have been shut down, the Japanese government has now announced a plan to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm, off the cost of Fukushima, where the nuclear disaster happened.

The project, which is expected to be completed by 2020, will have a total of 143 wind turbines on platforms 16 kilometers off the Fukushima coast. Once completed, the project will churn out 1GW of renewable electrical power, which will be supplied to the powerful grid which Fukushima’s two nuclear power plants were connected to, a move which will help reduce transmission costs.

New Scientist reports that the project will include wind turbines 200 meters in height and producing 2MW of renewable power. The turbines will be built on buoyant steel frames stabilized with ballast and anchored to the continental shelf. The wind farm will produce double the amount of energy as the current record holder, the Greater Gabbard Farm off the coast of Suffolk does in the United Kingdom.

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