Freeloader Pro and CamCaddy is all you need for sustainable photography

Freeloader Pro CamCaddy solar energy charger_1

If you are a nature photographer you don’t want to make use of disposable batteries in your camera and recharging an SLR battery isn’t possible in the wild. For such eco conscious photographers, Solar Technology International, the makers of the popular Freeloader solar charger, have come up with two perfect devices that can recharge the power hungry SLR batteries using the clean solar energy.

The first product on the list is the Freeloader Pro – a portable solar energy charger that can be fully charged in 7-9 hours of direct sunshine. Once charged, the onboard battery can charge a digital camera battery to 100 percent without any problems. The device delivers power at up to 9.5 volts, making it fit to use with most energy-intensive devices. The product now comes complete for photographers with the innovative CamCaddy – a universal camera or camcorder battery charger, that can be hooked to the Freeloader Pro for an easy recharge. The Freeloader Pro and the CamCaddy can be bought for just $60.

Freeloader Pro CamCaddy solar energy charger_2

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