ECOntainer Bridge: A shipping container bridge to join two sides of the Ariel Sharon Park

Econtainer bridge shipping container architecture_1

We have seen architects making use of shipping containers to build everything from new homes to eco friendly hotels for eco tourists. Israeli practice Yoav Messer Architects are now taking shipping container architecture a step forward with a new plan to build an entire bridge using recycled shipping containers. The project, dubbed ECOntainer Bridge, will be built in Ariel Sharon Park, a nature reserve in Israel.

Econtainer bridge shipping container architecture_2

Joining the two sides of the reserve, the ECOntainer Bridge will be made using repurposed shipping containers which will be installed on a new steel truss that serves as the primary structure of the bridge. As an added advantage, the sustainable structure will also have two cantilevering observation platforms allowing visitors to enjoy specific views of the horizon.

The deck will accommodate pedestrian and light vehicle traffic and thereby free the roadways for vehicles and improve the flow of both. Head over to Designboom for some more images of this sustainable bridge.

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