Car-D-Board concept hybrid car is made using recycled cardboard


Cardboard seems to be the material of choice for most eco-conscious designers who want to create the next big product that the world admires. We’ve seen designers use this humble packaging material to create everything from bicycles to offices and today we’ve a concept car designed by Thierry Dumaine of France, that Dumaine calls the Car-D-Board.

As the name suggests, the concept is intended to be made using cardboard, which goes in everything from the bodywork to the seats inside. The eco credentials of this minimalistic car, which will weigh less than 300kg, don’t just end here. The concept car is designed to be a hybrid and can be powered using gasoline, electricity or just compressed air.

Moreover, the airless tires of this concept ride come with a large fan that serve as a wind energy generator, topping up the onboard batteries whenever set in motion. The designer states that with no built-in dashboard, the driver can make use of an iPad to manage to the car and check other important information about the car and his driving.

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