Concept electric bike comes with a touchscreen information display

concept electric bike with touchscreen information display_1

Bicycles, which have often been touted as the greenest way to commute, have evolved in the past few years, courtesy of electric motors and lights that make bicycling fun, easy and above all safe. However, the lack of onboard gadgetry means that electric bicycles still lack the appeal a car normally does. Industrial designer Ioannis Noussis along with his friends has tried to solve the woes with an innovative concept electric bike designed for Ezee.

The concept electric bicycle includes a headlight, taillights, lights on the pedals and above all a full touch display that lets you know about your location and also shows you the rear view with the help of cameras mounted along the tail lights. To make your electric bike commutes safe for you and the pedestrians, the concept also includes an electric horn.

The battery that powers the bicycle is neatly hidden inside the “chest” of the bicycle that provides power to the front wheel where the electric motor is installed. The electric bicycle also includes a rear storage box that can easily accommodate a 17-inch laptop.

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