Sleeping Around pop-up shipping container hotel comes to Antwerp

Sleeping Around shipping container hotel_1

Just recently we reported about architects planning to build an entire bridge in Israel using recycled shipping containers and today we have another similar news, where the robust, but unfit for their regular use, shipping containers are given another life as an eco friendly hotel calling in all eco travelers. Sleeping Around, as the new hotel is christened, is created by an Antwerp-based group of four, who were simply fascinated by containers and the idea of a mobile hotel.

The concept sees six, 20-feet shipping containers being recycled into order to create a fully functional hotel. While four of the containers are used to create fully-equipped rooms, the other two are used as breakfast and lounging room along with a sauna. Created for the adventurous travelers, the entire structure can be booked for a private event, or you can simply book a room to check out the kind of ambience a shipping container could provide you.

Pop Up City notes that the focal center of the creators is that they can take the hotel to any adventurous location and they also allow their visitors to suggest a new location. Accommodation here costs about €149 per night, expect on Friday and Saturday, when it does cost €199.

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