UK’s first solar-powered photo booth unveiled by Photo-Me

solar powered photobooth

Photo-Me has installed United Kingdom’s first photo booth that is powered entirely by renewable solar energy. The environmentally friendly photo booth is now open to customers in St Austell. The booth does not require any external electrical connection and relies only on the energy produced by the solar panels installed on the roof of the booth.

The autonomous photo booth takes International Civil Aviation Organization approved identity photos as well as photo sheets and fun pictures. Having all functions that you will expect in a photo booth, this renewable energy powered both includes systems and technologies that help it conserve a considerable amount of energy.

This is Cornwall reports, that producing about 500W of power each day which is stored in an onboard battery, the booth comes with pressure sensors that turn on all electrical systems inside when somebody steps into the booth. Till that time the booth remains in sleep mode to keep power use at its lowest.

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