eLink concept electric SUV has body covered with tensile fabric

elink concept electric SUV_1

It gets interesting to see the ways automotive designers try and reduce the weight of their concept ride. While some do away with the fourth wheel and try to accommodate all the features of car in a three-wheeled vehicle, Jorge Biosca Marti has come up with a concept electric SUV that features a body draped in tensile fabric. The lightweight concept SUV is intended to be driven by those seeking a lot more fun on the highways, while making sure that their fun doesn’t cost the environment much.

The electric SUV, dubbed eLink, is easy to build and recycle and all its materials can be reused in new or different applications. With a four wheel drive system, with each wheel making use of an electric motor powered by onboard batteries, the concept car is able to achieve high speeds while saving energy due to its lightweight credentials.

To even better the eco-credentials of the vehicle, the designer is proposing to integrate thin film photovoltaic cells on the tubular structure of the car, which helps in generating renewable energy for the onboard batteries while you’re on the move.

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