Slink Urban Mobility: An elevated rail system for emission free commuting

Slink Urban Mobility elevated rail system

Scarcity of commutable space on land has inspired innovators and designers to explore possible ways of taking transportation to an elevated, vertical pedestal in the past. With his intent to suggest yet another eco friendly transportation option along similar lines, Canadian industrial designer Nick Lovett has conceived Slink Urban Mobility – a vibrant, high-tension guide-way that allows rail vehicles to avoid roadways, parks, buildings and rivers by adopting an aerial, wired route.

The concept urban transportation system, thus, allows urban dwellers to travel without causing least disturbance to people at ground level. Moreover, when compared to conventional rapid transit projects, the Slink transportation system touts a low impact design and, that too, at minimal cost.

Each of the vehicles on Sling will rely on four 80kW electric motors to ensure nigh zero emissions. The vehicles will be spacious enough to accommodate 68 passengers, who can commute the city while catching scenic views of surrounding cityscape.

[Thanks, Nick]

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