CSIRO’s Oxijet shower mixes water with air to reduce consumption by 50 percent

Oxijet water saving showerhead

At present, the best we could do in terms of reducing our water consumption, while taking a shower regularly, is making use of low-flow shower heads that reduce both water consumption and the flow and pressure of water, something which not many homeowners like. As a better solution Felton, a New Zealand-based company has teamed up with Australia’s CSIRO to develop the Oxijet – an innovative showerhead that claims to reduce water consumption by as much as 50 percent, while giving the illusion of an unrestricted showerhead.

The secret behind this innovation is mixing water droplets with air to make the water droplets hollow on the inside. The result is an illusion that you are showering with lots and lots of water as it comes from an unrestricted showerhead. CSIRO notes that Oxijet uses the flow energy of water to draw air into the water stream, making the water droplets hollow, while maintaining the volume and pressure of the shower stream.

Aerated showerheads are nothing new, but the best part about Oxijet is that it can be fitted to almost any standard shower fittings to save water. With billions of liters of water being used in showers all over the world, this inexpensive product can help save a precious resource, which isn’t as renewable as we take it to be.

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