Artists use their workshop junk to create new objects at upcycling workshop

creative products made using workshop waste_4

The scene at creative studios all around the world is quite similar. While designers are busy preparing their next big product, they are creating hundreds of prototypes, experiments, which will never again be used in the finished product. This workshop junk, which once played a big role in the development of the final product, mostly goes unloved and is thrown into the trash bin, while they continue to either enjoy the final product or make new prototypes.

In an effort to bring all that material to good use again, innovators behind the Depot Basel recently organized Das Wilde Denken – a weekend workshop in free-form recycling. Calling creative brains from all spheres of design, each participant was briefed to bring something new on the table using something old and junk from their own studios. After a morning briefing, the collaborators set on with the job and on the third day something new emerged from every artist. Co.Design notes that once the items were finished and photographed they have been brought to the showroom at Berlin-based boutique Baerck for the opening fete where the pieces will go on sale through February 2.

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