Plant Link makes sure that your plants needs are heard

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Two of the biggest reasons most homeowners’ plants are killed is either overwatering or under watering plants. While we remain busy in our tight schedules, the needs of our plants often go unheard and we only water the plants when we have a few free minutes at our disposal. OSO Technologies is now trying to solve the problem with a promising product dubbed the Plant Link. The eco friendly product that intends to make you a smarter gardener is a system that monitors the water needs of your lawn, garden or house plants.

Once installed, it alerts you when your plants need to be watered and by how much. A smart valve, which can be purchased with the product, can also automate the task of watering the plants without any manual intervention. All the user has to do is to place the Plant Link in the soil next to the plant indoors or in your lawn. Once the system is ready, the user can log in to a website to update the type of plant one wants to monitor, with each Plant Link paired with one plant.

The Plant Link then regularly measures the amount of water in the soil and sends information to the base station, where the online watering schedule of the user is updated. The user then receives watering alerts via email, push notification or text message. If you install the Smart Valve with the Plant Link in your lawn or garden, the Plant Link alerts the Smart Valve to control the water flow to your hose and irrigate the lawn whenever the plants are thirsty. The Plant Link is on KickStarter and has already reached its funding goal, however, you can still pre-order the system.

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