Sunbed concept harnesses solar power to recharge your gadgets

SunBed concept solar powered outdoor seating_1

There is no dearth of innovative concept outdoor products that aim to harness the clean energy of the sun to recharge your portable electronic gear. However, not often do we see functional pieces of furniture designed to produce renewable energy while you relax on the beach. Italian designer Francesco Sorrentino believes that outdoor seating, especially seating designed for beaches, receive ample amount of sunlight that usually goes to waste until you have solar collectors onboard.

SunBed concept solar powered outdoor seating_2

Working on the same lines the designer has come up with Sunbed – an outdoor seating concept that is 100 percent sustainable, not only due to its energy harvesting properties but because of the eco friendly materials it uses in its construction.

SunBed concept solar powered outdoor seating_3

Designed and adaptable to different contexts, the Sunbed aims to be an elegant and intelligent alternative of a comfortable sunbed that is perfect for both public and private spaces. The concept is equipped with an aluminum frame with slats that are made using 100 percent recyclable materials. For added comfort the Sunbed comes with a pillow made using recycled leather bonded with latex rubber.

SunBed concept solar powered outdoor seating_4

A sunshade is also attached to the bed that can be oriented in all directions to provide shade throughout the day. The sunshade also carries a series of solar panels that provide renewable electricity which is then stored in an onboard battery. The battery then relays power to 3 USB ports that can be used to charge a wide range of portable electronic gear.

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