The Egg of Columbus sustainable lamp is made using recycled paper

the egg of columbus eco friendly lamp_1

We have seen and reported about eco friendly lamps and lighting fixtures, each of which comes with a unique form to convey the same message about the importance of recycling and conservation of resources. However, not many times do we stumble upon a creative product that bears an equally creative name – The Egg of Columbus. Designed by Italian designer Valentina Carretta of Fabrica, the Egg of Columbus is a range of hanging lamps made for the brand Seletti using coarse paper, similar to the one used in the construction of egg boxes.

The range includes lamps of similar shape but different sizes and features shades made of moisture-resistant recycled paper with a ceramic bulb holder and a red fabric cord. The graceful lamp’s name has an equally graceful story behind it. Dezeen notes that the name refers to how explorer Christopher Columbus challenged his detractors to make an egg stand on its tip. When all other failed, Columbus simply tapped the egg on a table to flatted its tip and make it stand. Though, the lamp has no flat tips and doesn’t really resemble an egg, the designer somehow managed to name the lamp to refer to the incident.

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