World’s largest spherical 5D movie theater in China will be built from recycled CDs and DVDs

iGreen Entertainment Center made using recycled CDs and DVDs_1

With flash drives becoming an affordable way to store and share music, videos and software, CDs and DVDs have lost their charm and are quickly being turned into trash that nobody wants to use. While you might still be having hundreds of old CDs and DVDs lying around in your house waiting for an imminent journey to the landfill, China’s Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development is saving thousands of discs from the same fate by turning them into the world’s biggest spherical 5D movie theater.

Dubbed iGreen, the structure would have a diameter of 50 meters and will be constructed entirely from recycled DVDs and CDs. The complex will provide space to an aviation museum and will also create artificial climate to allow tropical plants to flourish inside. Inhabitat reports that the structure will be robust enough to withstand typhoon-strength gusts, acid rain and UV radiation.

Scheduled to be completed by 2015, iGreen will make use of state-of-the-art recycled technologies to turn CDs and DVDs into an impressive and innovative building material that will be used to create everything from the shining exterior to furniture and even flooring. Visitors here will be able to enjoy a 5D flight simulator, enjoy a cup of coffee and even stroll on the structure’s green roof.

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