Auto giants team up to create affordable hydrogen fuel cell system

hydrogen fuel cells vehicles

Hydrogen fuel cell cars have for long been termed as the future of clean mobility, but the high cost of fuel cell vehicles has been the roadblock on the way to hydrogen mobility. Now a team, involving the giants of the auto industry, plan to develop a low cost hydrogen fuel cell system that could bring affordable hydrogen cars to a larger market within the next few years. The team that includes Daimler, Ford and Nissan has announced partnership to develop a common fuel cell system that after development will be shared by each company for different brands of zero emission hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Joining forces will not only speed up the development, as each participant has to provide an equal share of technology, but is also expected to reduce the cost of hydrogen fuel cell system as more units can now be manufactured for different brands of cars. Many automakers have been testing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for years, but progress has been limited to the high cost of the technology and the reduced sales figures. Smart Planet notes that together the automakers have over 60 years of research experience with fuel cell electric vehicles and we hope that the partnership will only be beneficial for the team and the environment too.

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