Rely portable kit carries everything that a disaster survivor needs

Rely portable disaster relief kit_1

With global warming causing a rise in natural disasters it comes as no surprise to us that industrial designers are now concentrating on developing kits and other solutions that can help provide relief to displaced survivors. Just recently we showcased the AbleNook solar powered modular dwelling for disaster relief and the recycled oil drum survival kit and today we have another similar innovation that comes in the form of a foldout sleeping domain dubbed the Rely.

Designed by Chen Yu Jung, the Rely is a portable disaster relief kit that has a unique foldout form and carries all necessary equipment in a hexagonal container that can be carried along as a backpack. Once unfolded, the kit reveals its ingredients that include a roll-out sleeping mat, a bag, a bottle of water, portable reading lamp, stool, storage compartment, tableware and toiletries.

The Rely light, which can function as a bedside lamp and even a portable flashlight, is designed to be charged by kinetic energy, which the user produces by pressing a button. The eco friendly kit’s storage compartment also doubles as a stool and the kit’s exterior casing can be used as a sunshade. Gizmag notes that the Rely, while basically designed for disaster relief, can also work as a great product for campers and backpackers.

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