Electric Assist Bicycle is a lightweight and simple alternative to conventional e-bikes

electric assist bicycle_1

In an effort to make bicycles an ideal alternative to cars for short distance travel, bike manufacturers have been revealing electric assist bikes that not only allow you to travel without pedaling but also make sure that you travel at a decent speed. However, most electric bicycles available on the market today are bulky-looking and carry odd appendages that sometimes make it look unattractive. As an alternative industrial designer George Schnakenberg of Infinite Collective has come up with a simple-looking Electric Assist Bicycle that is built to illustrate the simplicity that an alternative energy vehicle could embody.

The bicycle is based on the use of a step-through frame and features a readily available electric motor kit. Featuring a slim rack and a modified shopping panier bag to carry your cargo, the electric assist bicycle doesn’t have any bulky-looking controls and can fit easily into the user’s daily life. The electric bike, which has all electric connections neatly hidden within the body, has an electric range of 20 miles, making it ideal to replace the use of cars for short distance travel.

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