Energy Roof aims to better aesthetics and eco credentials of buildings

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The rise in the cost of energy along with the need to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, architects around the world have started to come up with buildings that either generate energy, save energy or try to conserve freshwater by harvesting rain. With such designs, the future of architecture definitely seems green, but buildings that have already been built not often see this change due to the high cost of installing such systems in built structures. As a solution to this problem, architect and eco conscious designer Wooho Park has come up with the Energy Roof – a multi-purpose structure that can be installed on upcoming and already built structures.

The concept, which integrates a plethora of environmentally friendly technologies, can do everything from generating renewable solar energy to producing freshwater by harvesting rain. The Energy Roof is actually a collection of three technologies that includes a green roof, Solar Ivy technology developed by SMIT and a super-hydrophobic metal developed by researchers at Harvard University. The top of the structure features Solar Ivy cells that produce renewable energy by harnessing solar energy and vibrations caused by wind and rain. The energy produced by the system is stored in batteries and relayed to the building that adorns the Energy Roof structure.

Just below the Solar Ivy structure are the Super Hydrophobic Metal Structure and the Super Hydrophobic Drain System that collect rainwater and store it in a water tank. The final component of the concept is the Green Roof that apart from reducing the heat island effect and in turn helping save a considerable amount of energy also helps in storing rainwater.

The designer believes that the supporting structure of the Energy Roof and the Energy Roof itself can be designed into various shapes to fit different buildings and roofs to not only better the eco credentials of the building but also increase its overall aesthetic appeal.

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