Golf carts at TAMUK campus now run on wind generated electricity

Wind powered golf carts_1

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and also give visitors at the Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) a chance to commute around the campus without emitting a single ounce of harmful carbon dioxide, a team of two engineering students have created a wind energy generating system that feeds two golf carts with renewable energy. The small wind turbine system, which was constructed in-house, feeds batteries, which are then used to recharge golf carts.

The team states that the more the wind, the more energy is generated and hence the time required to charge the golf cart’s batteries reduces significantly. Typically, the golf carts need two-three hours of charging time, after which they are fit to ferry passengers across campus without polluting the environment. Along with reducing harmful emissions, the system is also expected to save about $1000 each year in energy costs.

Wind powered golf carts_2

The team now wants to expand the system by adding more turbines and possibly adding a few solar panels as well to boost the renewable energy output of the system. Such a system would also enable them to power all of the golf carts on the campus with renewable energy.

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