Berlin Stove Tiles with 3D patterns heat your home more efficiently

Berlin Stove Tiles_2

While the latest innovations in heating systems has resulted in the development of energy efficient heating appliances that promise to heat your home in a jiffy, most homeowners opine that for heating an ambience nothing beats the conventional wood burning stove. To make wood-burning stoves even more efficient in heating a house, Daniel Becker has come up with innovative stove tiles that owing to their innovative design, store and release more heat more quickly.

Dubbed the Berlin Stove Tiles, the tiles are decorated with a unique three-dimensional geometric pattern, which not only betters the aesthetics of the tiles, but also give it more surface area so that they can lose heat faster and warm the room more efficiently. Co.Design notes that the unique texture on the tile, which actually started with a simple circle, results in more of an optical illusion where an admirer only sees the tile playing with light and shadow in a such a way that one cannot quite pin down its texture.

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