SolarCarton cardboard packaging for relief goods doubles as a solar cooker

SolarCarton solar cooker_1

Providing relief to displaced victims following natural disaster needs systems and products that can provide basic necessities to them. With increasing incidents industrial designers have taken up the challenge to bring up products and systems that can efficiently provide basic living requirements to people struck by natural calamities. We’ve been frequently reporting about some of the finest products, presently in design stage, which have been designed for relief operations and the latest we’ve stumbled upon is the SolarCarton.

Designed by folks over at Zhejiang University and INNO Lab, the SolarCarton is essentially a carton to pack relief goods, but closer inspection on the inside reveals its unique credentials that allow it to double duty as a solar cooker. After the relief supplies are removed from the carton, the reflective materials on the inside is revealed and the user must unfold the box and cut along the dashed lines to divide it into two different parts.

SolarCarton solar cooker_2

After that simply folding the parts along the crease lines will create the cooker’s actinomorphic shape that allows the structure to collect and concentrate sunlight that can then used to cook food of heat water. The design team believes that the SolarCarton would be particularly effective in areas with lots of sunshine, such as some African countries, where getting access to basic systems can be a little difficult.

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