Sky Voyage personal air travel concept aims to reduce road traffic

Sky Vovage personal air transportation vehicle_1

There is no dearth of industrial and automotive designers who believe that the only way now possible to reduce congestion on highways is stop going by road and take on to the skies. However, most of the concept personal air transportation system envisioned by designers are either too futuristic or make use of technology that won’t get any cheaper in the future. Australian designer Jet Shao believes that instead of making use of technology that is either too expensive or hasn’t yet been discovered, the tried and tested formula of zeppelins could herald a new breed of personal air travel vehicles, something on the lines of the concept developed by him.

To prove this point, Shao has come up with Sky Voyage, which is designed to provide a solution to relieve traffic problems in urban centers. The vehicle, which is said to be inspired by airships and paragliding sports, makes use of an efficient hybrid flying system that includes a lighter than air canopy along with a hydrogen fuel cell powered electric turbine for additional thrust.

The Sky Voyage will be able to land and take off vertically by just regulating the amount of gas in the inflatable gasbag that it carries. This also enables the vehicle to use minimum ground space for easy landing and parking.  Once the vehicle is in the air, the wing-shaped gasbag will horizontally level to maintain mid distance gliding at speeds between 45-65kph. The eco friendly flying vehicle will be able to give its occupants a relaxing experience while they soar above the traffic and enjoy the beautiful blue sky on the way to their destination.

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