Air Products to create UK’s first hydrogen powered transport system

hydrogen refueling station in London by Air Products

The race to develop next-gen eco friendly cars that run on clean and renewable hydrogen is definitely on. However, the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure means that hydrogen vehicles aren’t still on the track to replace conventionally-fueled vehicles anytime soon. Things are about to change, at least in London, where Air Products is leading a consortium to create United Kingdom’s first hydrogen powered transport system that will be build across London and the South East.

The team will deliver a state-of-the-art fast-fill 700 bar renewable hydrogen refueling station network that will be publically-accessible. The three year project, dubbed the London Hydrogen Network Expansion or LHNE, is a government-backed initiative that is partly funded by the Technology Strategy Board. Apart from creating a ground-breaking renewable hydrogen refueling station, LHNE will also witness the deployment of new hydrogen powered vehicles in London, which will include a number of Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and Revolve hydrogen powered vans.

The creation of this network of hydrogen refueling stations is particularly important because major car manufacturers have confirmed that their hydrogen fuel cell powered rides that will be available for purchase in the UK by 2015 will require 700 bar refueling stations. Apart from creating new stations, LHNE will also upgrade existing facilities near the Heathrow Airport to the new specifications.

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