The Voltmaker harnesses kinetic energy to give your gadgets a clean charge

The Voltmaker renewable energy charger_1

Every gadget freak often has to face the issue when an all-important call has to be made and the cell phone batteries dies. Similar does the case with hikers and campers who often find their flashlight need a recharge when it’s needed. While there is no dearth of renewable energy chargers available for such a purpose, innovation in the field never stops as designers figure out more ways to produce a steady flow of electrons. Working on the same lines the team at The Voltmakers has come up with a renewable energy charger for portable gadgets – The Voltmaker.

Spotted at Inhabitat, The Voltmaker, is an innovative and rapid energy generator that produces usable electricity by converting kinetic energy. Inspired by fan or a ratchet system, the device, which is an ideal product for campers and hikers, can generate renewable energy whenever the user gives it a whirl. Being compact, the device can easily be a part of your camping gear and can allow you to charge gadgets anytime. While details about how much energy it produces or how long you might have to whirl it to charge a smartphone are scant, we do believe that the gadget stores energy in an onboard battery and can later be used to charge phones.

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