Artist creates steampunk collages by recycling computer parts

collages made using old computer parts_1

With computers getting evolved with every passing day, geeks are just finding a reason to discard their old machines to buy new ones. While this keeps them updated with the latest offerings in technology, their old, and mostly perfectly working, computers are discarded and add up to the already towering pile of landfill waste. We don’t often find artists working to salvage computer waste by creating beautiful sculptures out it, but a Poland-based artist, Anna Dabrowska who is also known as Finnabair, shows us how old computer parts can be given a new life.

The mixed media artist has a plethora of collages that is made using everything from old computer parts to even dead moths. The artist, who loves texture and has strong belief in the power of recycling, adores flea market supplies and takes boring waste to turn it into a centerpiece of attraction for viewers. Anna believes that the process of creating these collages gives her moments when she forgets about the world and let her skills do the talking.

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