Living Table intends to bring greenery into your living room

Living Table by Habitat Horticulture_2

The decline of green spaces in an urban setting have made homeowners figure out ways to bring some plantations inside their home to provide some fresh air and herbs. This is the reason we often come across innovative hydroponic planters like the Elica Idroponica that try to give your home a fresh green look, while ensuring that you don’t have to spend hours maintaining it. However, for those of you who are still fascinated with a more conventional form of gardening and don’t want expensive hydroponic systems to grace your interiors, Habitat Horticulture has announced the Living Table, which is the latest entry to the firm’s “Ferniture” range.

As the name suggests, the Living Table is a table adorned with a portable garden that integrates a flush of unexpected greenery into home or office environment. The functional centerpieces of modern furniture are handmade in the company’s San Francisco-area headquarters and feature the use of 3/8 inch-thick tempered glass top that can handle a weight of 180 pounds per square foot of area.

In addition to being a durable alternative to conventional tables, the Living Table can be ordered by interested customers with customizable shapes, color, wood finish and the choice of plant palettes. The developers claim that the low-maintenance tables require once a month watering during summers and even less in the winter.

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