E RX concept electric car comes with a removable range extending engine

E RX concept electric car with removable range extender_2

Reduction in the levels of fossil fuel available to humanity, along with its rising cost, means that the only way forward is with the use of vehicles that run on alternative fuel. Recognizing the need for such vehicles, auto manufacturers have been creating eco friendly vehicles that run entirely on electric motors or a hybrid engine involving electricity and gasoline. However, the problem with most electric cars is their high upfront cost and less operating range, something which hybrids try to solve, but in the process get heavier and more expensive.

E RX concept electric car with removable range extender_1

Auto designer Maila Thon believes that she’s come up with an answer in the form of a concept electric car dubbed the E RX. The system that makes the E RX different than other EVs on the market is the use of an optional range extending engine that can be removed entirely from the body of the vehicle when there is no need for it. The possibility of extending the range will enhance consumer acceptance of electric cars and also make sure that the car doesn’t have to carry the additional weight during a short distance travel, when power on the onboard batteries is sufficient.

The concept requires the owner of the E RX to rent the range extender at gas stations or dealerships when going out on a long trip. The system contains all components of a conventional fossil-fuel engine in a portable box. The box contains the combustion engine, exhaust system, cooling unit and the fuel tank. The range extender will be made available in a variety of sizes with respect to its power output and the size of the fuel tank.

E RX concept electric car with removable range extender_3

The E RX, on the other hand, is based on the use of lightweight materials which ensure a cost-effective design. Following the principles of sustainability, the car is designed to be manufactured using a lot less fabricated parts, as are currently being used to produce cars.

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